A 12 yr old hottie is seduced by her sister' 15 yr old sleep over friend
Erica couldn’t sleep. How could she with what happened with Kayla when she had come out of the bathroom before the bedtime. Kayla was Erica’s sister Sam’s best friend and was sleeping over, right across the hall. Kayla had honey brown hair, a full figure for a fifteen year old and boobs that stood straight out from her body. Her legs and hips were slender, but she had a p3erfectly round bubble butt, that turned heads.

Erica decided to only put on her panties and bra after her shower and didn’t expect anyone to be in the hallway. Yet there Kayla was, also in her lacey bra and thong, and immediately the older girls eyes were all over Erica. With a quick move to the side Erica tried to get around Kayla, but the older teen put her arm out to block Erica. Kayla stepped in front of Erica, “What, no good night kiss?”

Erica could feel her face turn red, and then she felt Kayla’s hand caress her chin and tilted it so that their eyes met. In an instant that seemed in slow motion to Erica, Kayla’s mouth was on hers, kissing and caressing her mouth with her full lips. The without warning Erica felt Kayla’s tongue enter her open mouth, the young girl gasped and tried to step back but Kayla’s arm was around her waist and she crushed her young body to hers as her tongue explored Erica’s mouth and one of her hands cupped her small tight ass.

The kiss seemed to last forever but suddenly it was over. Erica opened her eyes and closed her mouth. Kayla was smiling down on her. “I just wanted you to know how hot I think you are!” and with that Kayla moved past her into the bathroom.

It was a while before Erica was able to move down the hall and into her room she was shaking the whole way. At twelve, Erica had actually kissed a boy but never another girl and Kayla’s kiss was better than the one time she had kissed Chuck Dixon, who tried to get his fat hand down her jeans the instant they kissed. Kayla’s kiss seemed to start a fire in Erica’s body and she couldn’t put it out as she saw her bedside clock indicate 12:30 a.m.

Her cell phone text beep went off, she picked it up. Why would her sister Sam be texting her . She opened the text:

It’s me, K. Sam is asleep. Did I wake U? Grrl that kiss was hot!!

Erica was trembling again. What should she do what should she say? Kayla was 15 and obviously liked girls. Erica wondered if she liked girls, she must just the thought of Kayla texting her made her little pussy moist. She texted back:

No, awake too. Thinking of U.

Jessica could barely get her fingers to work they were trembling so badly.

Sorry for the pedophile moment. I just looked at U n got wet. Erica U R fucking hot. Forgive me?

Erica could feel her nipples harden and ran her hands over her small breasts pinching her tiny nipples to relieve the tension. Slowly she pressed out the letters:

Forgiven. U R totally friggin hot.

Almost immediately Erica got the reply:

Erica, touching myself thinking of Yr hot lil body! U
have made me so wet baby, are you wet?

Erica felt a twinge in her little pussy and ran two fingers over her slit, the crotch of her panties were soaked.

Yes, cause of U!

It was all she could manage, she was breathing hard, thinking of how Kayla’s hands felt on her ass , her lips against hers. She pulled the crotch of her cotton panties aside and let two fingers part her cunny lips and another trace her excited clit. The phone went off:

Come over here NOW. Sam is asleep and I am so excited.

Erica shook her head:

U come here…please!

There was a silence for a number of minutes. Erica was breathing hard as she gently pulled on her pussy lips and clit. Finally a response:

Need U here. Sam OUT. Need U Erica! I want U!!

Erica had never felt this way about anyone or anything before. She wanted to be with Kayla so badly she would risk it, she would go into her sleeping sister’s room:

Yes! I will come!!

A quick response:

Meet U at the door. Cum nakd.

Erica felt as though she were under a spell. She got out of her bed, took the long sleep shirt over her head, and slipped her damp panties off. Quietly she opened her door and took the three steps needed to get to her sister Sam’s bedroom door. The door open quietly and Erica slipped into the dark room and into Kayla’s warm embrace.

Kayla sighed as she embraced the young girl leaning down to kiss her passionately, her tongue more urgent than outside the bathroom , she was pleased by how Erica responded sucking on her tongue then thrusting her tongue into Kayla’s mouth. Their bodies melded together Erica loved the feel of Kayla’s larger tities on her small ones.

Erica felt her whole body melt against Kayla’s tight body Kayla cupped Erica’s ass with both her hands and lifted her off the floor. Erica responded by wrapping her firm tanned legs around Kayla’s waist.

Erica was so excited she had to remind herself to breathe through the nose as Kayla turned her around and quietly lowered her down on Sam’s plush chair near the bed. For the first time Erica noticed that the room wasn’t completely dark; the lamp on the dresser was on but it was covered with several scarves and gave off a muted orange light.

Erica also became aware of her sister’s form asleep in the bed not four feet from where she sat; she took a deep breath through her nose as Kayla ended the long kiss. The two girls looked into each other’s eyes. Erica noticed that Kayla was smiling as she looked directly at Erica’s hot little tities.

Kayla leaned forward and planted a kiss directly between the two butting tities then with her tongue she traced her way to the right her tongue flicking over the tiny nipple, then Kayla’s mouth opening and sucking the entire little boob into her mouth still continuing to flick at h3e sensitive nipple with her tongue.

It was like nothing Erica had felt she wriggled under the attention to her tiny breast and a soft hissing sound left her mouth she grabbed at Kayla’s hair as if to pull her off the tittie but the older girl just moved to the left tittie and lavished the nipple with licks and kisses before sucking the entire tittie into her warm wet mouth.

Erica knew her nipples were sensitive but this was ridiculous, she could feel her pussy overflow with juices that began to run down her firm young thighs.

“Oh fuck your tities are so hot Erica, but I need to taste your little cunt, open your legs for me, let me taste your little pussy. “

Kayla didn’t wait for Erica to respond she roughly placed her legs over the arms of the chair and pulled her forward so her ass and cunt lay out on the chair. Immediately Kayla began to lick the girl juice form Erica’s thighs, she let out a small mewing sound as she licked her way up to Erica’s pussy.

Erica closed her eyes, never had she ever thought that anything could be this electric she could feel her sister’s best friend’s hot breath on her cunt lips and she grabbed her own legs to brace herself for what was about to happen.

She opened her eyes and looked over her flat tummy as Kayla used her fingers to part the outer lips of her cunt, and instantly Kayla’s tongue began lapping at her sensitive clit as if it tasted like heaven. Erica bit her bottom lit to stop from screaming the pleasure was so intense and overwhelming she felt like she would cum. Yet immediately Kayla lifted her tongue and began to kiss the girl’s wet thighs again.

With a mischievous grin Kayla would finally resume her attentions to Erica’s fresh young cunt, this time sinking her writhing tongue deep into her tight cunt hole. Erica hissed with pleasure looking over at sister’s immobile body on the bed, she would be horrified if her older sister woke up and found her best friend eating her out. Yet it felt so good to Erica, there was no longer any doubt in her mind, she loved girls, and Kayla in particular for the way she made her feel. Her young cunt was throbbing with pleasure and she knew that she would come soon. Yet at that moment Kayla pulled her tongue from the twelve year olds pussy and smiled up at her.

“Do you want to cum, Erica?” she asked with a wicked smile, “I want to taste your little girl juice, I want lap it all up and suck your hot cunt clean. Tell me you want it, or you can go back to your room.”

Erica felt her little cunt throb at Kayla’s words. But she didn’t want to talk with her sister asleep so close, her face turned in their direction. Again she could feel Kayla’s breath on her bare little pussy and she watched as Kayla licked her juices from her beautiful lips.

“Oh fuck make my little cunt cum, take all of my cunt juice Kayla, suck my pussy dry.”

Before Erica had even finished speaking Kayla’s tongue was inside the young girl twisting and lapping at her inner walls then just as suddenly it was our lapping over the exposed clit, while Kayla twisted her middle finger slowly and surely into Erica’s virgin cunt.

As Kayla began finger fucking her, Erica began rocking her hips to meet each thrust. Erica could feel a remarkable heat begin deep inside her little cunt, and when Kayla sucked her clit flesh between the sharpness of her teeth something broke loose inside her -- she was hissing and heaving and convulsing and cum ewes squirting from her cunt and going in every direction at once. She thought she would die in that moment but she also realized she had never felt anything as good in her entire life. She bit her forearm to keep from screaming and waking her sister. When she tasted blood everything went black.

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