A greiving father and daughter find healing in their lust for each other
Daddy’s Little GirlGemma watched as her dad slept remembering a time when this shell of a man led a much happier and more fulfilled existence. She adored her father as she had her mother before the accident had taken her from Gemma and her father two years ago.

Gemma was now 14 and a half but her face suggested she was at least 17 she also had a body way beyond her chronological age. Perhaps caring for her grief stricken father had aged her beyond her years.

Despite her demanding life she was still a very beautiful girl with soft facial features surrounded by long Auburn hair that sat just above her backside. She had large brown eyes and cute button nose. While her mouth was small it had full luscious lips. She was 5.5 tall and whilst having 34D breasts, uncommon at her age and already a size bigger than her mother was, she had an athletic build with a flat tight stomach and long slender legs for her height. Her backside was small and firm and when wearing tight jeans Gemma had a gap of an inch and a half at the top of her legs.

Gemma was truly adorable and the spitting image of her mother which to her disappointment may well have added to her father’s despair to her way of thinking. Before the accident the three were inseparable. They would be on a new adventure every week. They would go camping or hiking and spent a lot of time at a beach water skiing or fishing off a lake. Her parents would often take her out of school just so they could holiday together. Unlike many families there was seldom a fight in their home and even small arguments were few and far between. They all adored one another to bits and ached for one another when they were apart.

It was a Friday leading up to one of these adventures and her mother had gone out to get some last minute items before they left for the mountains on a camping holiday. Gemma and her father finished packing and just sat down to relax, Gemma’s dad’s arm around her as he ruffled her hair and laughed teasing her about not missing her make up while they were away. There came a knock at the door, it was a police officer,

“I’m so sorry” he began, “there has been an accident and your wife was involved”

As the officer explained he collapsed in a heap on the floor staring straight ahead. Gemma assured her father they had made a mistake and continued to do so as they drove to the hospital to identify her. Even in death her mother was a spectacular woman and it was only upon seeing her that Gemma accepted her death and screamed and cried as her father picked her up and awkwardly dragged her out to the car kicking and screaming. Gemmas cried for nearly a week while her father just sat and stared blankly at the door as if still waiting for his wife to return.

It was now two years later and her father had not improved much at all. He was a zombie; he worked, barely ate and then slept. He was merely existing, surviving, and a complete contrast to the dynamic life he had lived. It pained Gemma to see it.

She kissed her father on the head as he slept and made her way into the kitchen to start on dinner. She was quite an accomplished cook at her age and though she did not get a whole lot of thanks from her catatonic father she enjoyed making his meals for him. As she finished making one of his favourite meals and went to tell him 5 minutes to dinner she heard the shower running. She tapped on the door and it opened slightly. Her father had not heard her knocking and just stood motionless with the water streaming down on him.

Gemma lost her train of thought as she began to daydream. Her memory took her back to one of many times as a small time she would sneak in and watch her parents in the shower unbeknown to them. They would kiss and her father would bend his neck down as his hand cupped and raised her mother’s breast to his lips. He would flick the hardened tip with his tongue and then tease it with his teeth before sucking it into his mouth. He would devote an equal amount of time to the other breast before kissing his way down her smooth flat stomach to work on her delicious pussy. He would kneel between her legs sucking and lapping at her lips, circling first one way then the other. He would thrust his tongue into her a few times before taking her clit into his mouth like a nipple. He would suck and flick her clit in his mouth causing her to gasp and moan as she placed her hands on the back of his head and tried to steady her body against his face as it convulsed in orgasm.

Her mother would kiss her father deeply in gratitude for his service and then in a similar manner work her way down his muscular body, circling his nipples with her tongue as she went. Kneeling between his powerful legs she would take his swollen knob into her mouth she would pause there for a minute where Gemma imagined she was pleasuring him with her skilful tongue before plunging forward to take more of her dad’s thick cock into her mouth. Gemma had often wondered if her mum could fit the whole nine inches into her tiny mouth and throat but had never seen her accomplish it. Her head would bob back and forth as her dad closed his eyes and moaned with delight. Often Gemma would finger herself while watching them wishing she could taste her dad’s huge cock and try to inhale his whole length herself. She was sure she could manage it if ever given the opportunity.

Gemma’s mum would work his balls in her hand and stroke the remainder of his length for a few moments before he pulled her up under her arms and then picked her up. She would spread her legs wrapping them around him and lean back into the wall as she grabbed the massive purple knob and rubbed it up and down her lips several times in preparation for his entrance. His entrance was always slow and sensitive to start making her mother gasp every time even after years of receiving him. She would place her hands on his shoulders as he began ramming his cock into her as she puffed and panted in time with his powerful thrusts. After several minutes of his relentless pounding Gemma would see her mother’s hips buck forward and her body begin to spasm once more as she reached her climax. Often her father would cum at the same time pushing hard into her as he cannoned his load into her gorgeous body. Gemma liked to watch her mother dismount her father so she could see his thick creamy cum drip from her worked over pussy.

“Hey are you ok sweetie”

Her dad’s voice interrupted her daydream.

“Oh I’m fine dad, dinner is nearly ready” she blushed, convinced that her dad had seen her staring at his naked body.

“Ok then, I’ll be down in a second”

When her father arrived clean and dressed in the dining room Gemma place her meal in front of him and said

“Dad I know we don’t talk about it but I want you to know if you ever wanted to.......if you ever decided to go out with someone new. That would be fine. I love you and I want you to be happy”

“Thanks Hun but I could never find someone like your mother again. Not unless marrying your daughter becomes legal” he teased.

Her pussy went a little wet just at the thought of that. She knew her dad was joking but deep down she wished he wasn’t.

After dinner they sat down in front of the TV and just veged out for a while. Gemma’s dad stroked her hair as Gemma nodded off in front of some boring sitcom. Gemma dreamt of her 11th birthday. She arrived home from school where her mother had been working to prepare her favourite foods. Gemma was having a few special friends stay for a sleepover. Her dad had set up a couple of 2 man’s and a slightly larger tent in the back yard and a little fireplace for them to toast marshmallows. Gemma headed upstairs to thank them for being the best parents in the world.

When she got to the top of the stairs she heard the familiar sounds of her mother’s puffing and panting as her father pounded her like a jackhammer. Rather than call out and spoil their fun she went over to the door to if she could peak in. She was in luck, the door was slightly ajar and she was able to nudge it a bit further giving her a Birdseye view of the action. From where she stood she could see a full rear view of her dad’s powerful body, his hips thrusting forward in time with her mother’s gasps of pleasure. Her feet were over his shoulders and her hands grasped the bed sheets tightly as he continued his ferocious assault on her pussy. Her breathing sped up and her moans become louder as she built toward orgasm and exploded covering her dad in bucket loads of her sweet lady juice. Her dad slowed down and pulled slowly out.

Her dad massaged some of her mum’s sweet nectar into her ass hole with his ballooning knob and then pushed the very tip into position. Again her mum grabbed the bed sheets firmly and bit her lower lip as he pushed the head slowly into her ass. She screamed and let go of the sheets quickly grabbing a pillow and covering her face with it. She growled and bit the pillow hard as he pushed all the way in and paused for a brief moment. Her mum removed the pillow as her dad began to glide slowly in and out of her ass. Before long he was once again walloping her ass with his ball bag as he pounded in and out of her ferociously. Her spectacular tits bounced as she lay helpless receiving a mighty hammering. By now Gemma was working her clit frantically and enjoying the spectacle her parents were putting on for her unbeknown to them. Gemma’s dad indicated he was going to cum. Her mum grabbed her tits and pushed them together and upwards bending her neck down where to Gemma’s amazement she sucked both nipples into her mouth at once. The sight of it put her father straight over the edge. He groaned long and low as he emptied his load into his gorgeous wife. He withdrew and quickly plunged himself face first into her pussy and began eating her in frenzy for only a couple of moments before she to exploded in orgasm covering his face with sweet liquid.

As Gemma’s dream ended she awoke from her deep sleep. She panicked as she looked as she looked down to see her hand clutching her dad’s stiff cock through his pants. She looked up and sighed with temporary relief as he had passed out with a bottle in one hand and the other arm around her hugging her tiny frame. She let go immediately and wondered if she had done anything inappropriate while he was awake. What would her dad think of her?

Just then he stirred.

“How long was I out? Time for bed princess” he said getting to his feet.

“Ok dad, I’ll be up in a minute” she said with a sigh of relief realising she had not been sprung.

Gemma cleared the dishes away and straightened up a little and wondered for a few moments what other 14 year old girls would be doing on a Friday night. She turned the TV off and headed upstairs considering that she was still one of the luckiest people in the world to have at least the best dad in the world. She undressed in her room and put on a big old t-shirt of her dad’s and headed into his room. Taking the empty bottle from his hand she curled up on the bed next to him where she had gotten used to sleeping since her mother had passed away an pulled the sheets up over his naked body.

Gemma awoke in the morning and stretched with a big yawn. Her hand brushed over the crumpled bed sheets pulling them down her dad’s body and uncovering his enormous cock. She couldn’t take her eyes off it, it was magnificent. She had dreamed of touching it often but they were just young girls fantasies, after all every girl fantasised about their father she tried convincing herself. A battle began within her, her head said go and get dressed while her pussy said touch it, taste it. Her heart began beating overtime as she decided to take a gamble. After all her dad had drank a lot last night and would still be out of it for a while.

She reached out and touched the tip with her finger. It jumped in response to her touch and she giggled and withdrew her hand. She reached out again and touched the end again getting the same reaction as the first time. She reached out a third time this time with two hands. She touched the tip with one hand and when it jumped she caught it with the other hand and held on to it enjoying the warmth as it pulsed in her hand. She moved her hand up and down, then again and began stroking it slowly as it began to harden. She massaged his balls with the other hand gently and moved across the bed so that she was right next to him now. So many times she dreamt of tasting her dad’s cock, feeling it’s hardness in her mouth, feeling the knob deep in the back of throat but could she? Should she?

Again her rapidly moistening cunt made the decision as her head sank down over the top of her father’s swollen purple knob. She poked her tongue out as if she were about to lick an ice cream and licked the split of his knob again causing it to jolt. Again she giggled. She opened her mouth this time and placed her lips around the giant knob and kissed it. She began to lick it in a circular motion noticing the salty but pleasant flavour and then flicked her tongue over the top and around randomly exploring the surface with her tongue. She removed the knob from her mouth and moved down licking and sucking her father’s balls and then with the tip of her tongue travelled along the long shaft and again buried the knob in her mouth but more aggressively this time. Her head bobbed up and down as she experimented with different speeds and techniques, twisting her head and swirling her tongue and pumping as much shaft as would not go down her throat with her hand. Her Dad now appeared awake but not very conscious.

He placed a hand on the back of Gemma’s head and moaned as his head slowly rolled from side to side.

“Oh yes baby that is so good now bring that pussy around here so I can have breakfast” he slurred his words as he spoke.

Gemma’s mind raced and her heart pumped faster again. Did he know it was her or was he dreaming of Gemma’s mum? Oh what the hell she continued make her decisions with her pussy and wiggled around and straddled her father’s face and resumed sucking and pumping his cock. Her father placed his fingers on her ass cheeks and his thumbs gently inside the entrance to her already sopping wet cunt and pulled her lips apart with his thumbs as he leant forward and began eating her out. Gemma went wild, she had dreamed of this for so long and now her favourite person in the world was about to make her have her first partner initiated climax. Her dad sucked her clit into his mouth pushing her over the edge, she squealed as her legs trembled and her hips bucked forward into her dad’s face several times soaking him with her sweet nectar as he drank from her pussy.

“I want to fuck you Hun?” He stammered with Gemma still pumping his shaft.

She was nervous but turned herself around and squatted above his enormous cock sliding her father’s t-shirt off over her head and throwing it to the floor. She rubbed the head up and down her lips a few times and then lowered herself a little taking in just the very tip of his prick. His eyes were closed as he raised his hands up and placed them against her huge boobs and started massaging them. His strong hands felt incredible on her large but firm breasts. He suddenly moved his hips sinking the head of his cock inside of her making her yelp.

Gemma didn’t want to wait a moment longer, sensing imminent pain she dropped down impaling herself on her father’s massive cock, tearing her hymen to shreds as she fell. She let out a blood curdling scream and her head and shoulders slumped forward as if she had just been thrust upon a dinosaurs cock. Meanwhile her father’s eyes were now wide open with terror in them as his dream was over and he became conscious of the fact that he had just taken his own daughters virginity. Gemma rested on top of him for a few moments then opened her eyes and looked into his.

“I love you Daddy, please don’t be sad” she begged

His mind was now racing with the many response options in both word and action. He decided his daughter’s happiness and their relationship were the most important factors as he smiled at her with tears rolling down his cheeks.

“Oh I love you too baby girl” he said as he leaned forward kissing her on the lips.

In one quick and powerful motion he swung her around and down onto the bed underneath him and said

“I will look after you princess, as I always do”

“Oh I know you will dad but I want you to fuck my brains out, just like you would mum”

He nodded and started withdrawing slowly. He moved back in carefully and began to glide gracefully in and out of her tender pussy as she got used to the pork monster invading her tiny body. It was now her turn to nod giving him the go ahead to step up the assault. He began pumping her harder with long medium strokes making her whine like a dog. She was in heaven and hell as the immense pain versed the incredible pleasure inside her. The pain slowly weakened as she now began to writhe in ecstasy. She grabbed her dad’s ass in her hands pulling her into him with every thrust as if she wanted him to split her straight down the middle. His balls slapped loudly against her firm ass as he hammered away at her taut pussy.

Her huge boobs bobbed up and down coming to the attention of her father as he slowed down and lent in taking a mouthful of tit into the back of his throat making her gasp. He sucked and feasted greedily on her tits. She began breathing rapidly, puffing and panting as her body approached orgasm. Her dad too strained with all the energy he could muster trying to avoid cumming too early as he wanted his little girls first time to be perfect. Her pussy clamped around her father’s cock and his balls began to churn. He thrust in and out of his daughter ferociously as her pussy twitched and her body began convulsing in orgasm. He exploded spewing rope after rope of cum deep into her stomach as they groaned and exhausted every ounce of energy in their bodies. They lay in each other’s arms until they fell asleep.

Gemma and her father spent the rest of the day making love. They were not worried where this would lead as they loved each other dearly. Perhaps Gemma’s mother was still with them and was using their sexuality to continue to be part of both of their lives. Whatever was happening now or what was ahead of them Gemma would always be, Daddy’s little girl.

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